DIRECTIONS: Apply to face and beard after showering or washing face. Don’t eat it. Avoid contact with eyes. If irritation occurs, adjust quantity or discontinue use immediately. If you have an allergic reaction, seek medical assistance immediately. Please review our addition use instructions and representations in the Legal Disclaimer and Notice section of this website.

USE TIPS:  The Balm will appear slightly hardened in a semi-solid state in the tin. This is normal and by design. Our product will naturally melt to a liquid on your face and beard as you massage it in. For best results, remove a small amount of balm from the tin, massage in your hands, then apply to your face and beard. If it feels a little greasy at first, this is natural due to our unique combination of butters & oils. Over the next 10-20 minutes following application, the Balm oils will soak into your skin and hair to leave a clean and soft feeling. Notice the smoothness and lack of itching. Rock that beard like a man!

EXPIRATION: As this product includes only all natural ingredients, their time of effectiveness (i.e shelf life) varies. Most ingredients have a shelf life of a year or more, but some are shorter. For example, Cocoa Butter has a short shelf life of 1-2 years. This does not mean the Cocoa Butter has gone “bad,” but its effectiveness begins to diminish. For that reason, it is recommended that you use this Balm within 1-2 years of purchase.

STORAGE: Store at room temperature and keep tin sealed when not in use. If left in the sun or at temperatures over 85 degrees Fahrenheit, the product will melt. If this occurs, allow to cool to room temperature, and it will return to it’s semi-solid state.